Supporting the Public Services Sectorfor Establishing and Promoting EWCs

National Event (Italy)

During the meeting on March 11, 2024, the results of the project were presented, including the final publication, which was a summary report of the project itself.

The first phase of the meeting involved presenting the objectives, initiatives undertaken, and descriptions of the participating countries (Italy, Spain, North Macedonia, and Serbia), including their economic, regulatory, and labor relations specificities.

A review of the legislative framework was conducted, focusing on Directive 2009/38 concerning the establishment of European Works Councils (EWCs), national implementation laws (such as D.Lgs. 113/2012 in Italy), and the impact of EWCs on collective bargaining. This analysis also addressed workers’ rights to information and consultation.

The legislative review identified significant issues related to EWCs and their limited spread across Europe, allowing for an assessment of the current status compared to the objectives set by the European legislator in 2009 and identifying weaknesses in Directive 2009/38 and potential areas for intervention.

Reference was made to the European Parliament Resolution of February 2, 2023, proposing a revision of the Directive by 2024.

The second phase of the meeting focused on presenting the research conducted by experts from the participating countries. This included comparing the concept of public service in different legal systems and evaluating the research results, which were gathered through interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and focus groups. The research enabled a comparison of the spread of EWCs and information and consultation procedures in the participating countries.

The final phase of the meeting involved sharing conclusions and reflections on the project’s results and goals, identifying possible best practices to enhance worker involvement in public services.

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